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By completing this application, I am stating that I wish to apply for a position coaching youth flag football for the Regina Youth Flag Football League (R.Y.F.F.L). If selected, I agree to abide by a coaches code of conduct, which will be emailed to me as well as included in my coaches binder, and I understand that failure to abide by this code of conduct could result in termination of my coaching position, and potential elimination from coaching consideration in future seasons. This application will also be used to obtain a Criminal Record Check for anyone who coaches in the RYFFL. This allows our volunteer coaches to not have to worry about going down to the RPS to get one done. Those coaches from outside Regina will need to get one from their local RCMP detachment.

**For those who are teachers with RCSD, RBE, or PVSD, a Criminal Record Check won't be performed due to having them completed for the respective school boards**

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Criminal Conviction History

This check is being requested by Regina Youth Flag Football League for volunteer as coach


I consent to a search of all records available at the time the search is conducted, including pending charges, convictions and court orders registered in my name in the National Repository, the CPIC investigative, intelligence and identification databanks and the Regina Police Service local indices. I understand that if a possible record exists, it will not be disclosed unless identification has been confirmed by either myself or by fingerprints.

I consent to the release of any and all information contained from available records to the below authorized person or Organization. Name of person or Organization: REGINA YOUTH FLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE


I consent to information contained in my criminal record being disclosed by a police force or other authorized body to the person or organizatino referred to above.

By clicking submit you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions mentioned above and approve for a criminal record check to be completed to coach in the Regina Youth Flag Football League.